Sexy BUTTERFLY II 𝘎𝘛Beach Tennis Racket Paddle

$200.00 $260.00
Power: 8 || Control: 8 || Defense: 7
Continuing and improving on the first legendary Butterfly Paddle was not easy, but this paddle delivers! The Butterfly II 𝘎𝘛 is stable under fire & powerful when you need it, making this paddle an all-around beast!
We added a little overall heft to the design and a bright new color scheme to give this paddle the unmistakable Butterfly Seal of Approval!
The Butterfly II 𝘎𝘛 is popular with many of the top players in the world. This paddle will give you confidence on both offense and defense.
Inside the Butterfly II 𝑮𝑻:
  • Frame:  100% Carbon
  • Face:  3K Carbon
  • Core:  Super Soft EVA - the softest and most reactive foam we've ever come up with. The new texture allows for more accuracy and a larger sweet spot
  • Finish:  MegaGrit - lasts longer and grips the ball better for a high-power spin effect
  • SXY Power ORB & Convex Hole System:  Our single-row concave hole system allows for consistency and control across a wider sweet spot while providing more power for offensive attacks.
  • Weight: 350-360g
  • Length: 50cm
  • Profile: 20mm

Player Feedback:

The feel in hand is quick and responsive with a nice pop during the warmup to get you in the right mindset to win.

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