Sexy CALIFORNIA Beach Tennis Racket Paddle


Sexy BT California Beach Tennis Racket Paddle

Designed in California USA and made famous by World Champions Marco Garavini & Michele Cappelletti.

This Paddle does everything really, really well. That's hard to come by these days and when you finish using it, place it on a wall, as it is truly a work of art!

The California Paddle comes in a custom gift case and features an authentic leather grip in tribute to the old days of tennis.

Don't miss getting one of these as they are limited in supply.

  • Frame: 100% Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Core: Mid Soft EVA 
  • Finish: Glossy or Grit
  • Length: 49cm
  • Weight: 340-350g
  • Balance: 26cm/hard
  • Profile: 22mm

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