Heroe's REBEL 2023 Beach Tennis Racket Paddle

$289.00 $295.00

REBEL was developed for one of the strongest players in the world, MATTIA SPOTO. The graphics have been developed to make this racket look like a diamond. The frame used is Heroe's 2023 Predator model, REBEL is a padel racket suitable for players looking for extreme performance with excellent handling and stability. The plate is in Carbon 3K and the internal EVA is Black Super soft. This product has been designed for professional or advanced level players looking for a racket that can make their game particularly aggressive. The frame is Carbon-Tube, in 100% carbon fiber.

Material:  Carbon 3K
Core: EVA Black 15
Lenght:  50 cms
Thickness:  20 mm
Weight:  330 +/- 10gr
Surface Finish:  Smooth


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