Heroe’s 2023 ARMOR Beach Tennis Racket Paddle

$169.00 $275.00

ARMOR is developed on the new Heroes 2023 Predator model frame. Racket developed for the 2022 revelation of beach tennis Sophia Chow.
ARMOR has unique characteristics, which make it powerful in attack and very balanced in defense with very high ball control. This product was designed for professional or advanced level players.

The deck is made up of 3K carbon, while the inside is made up of SUPER SOFT EVA.
The frame is Carbon-Tube, in 100% carbon fiber.
Carbon Fiber frame material

Material:  Carbon 3K
Lenght:  50 cms
Thickness:  20 mm
Weight:  330 +/- 10gr
Surface Finish:  Rough
Balance: Medium/ High

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